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LY private Investigators In Nairobi Kenya Criminal Investigation Services

To win a case (beyond reasonable doubt or on a balance of probabilities) you need the right evidence. Read more

Private Investigators In Kenya On Infidelity

The Modus Operandi Of Criminals Change. Each scene is always unique. It is with this realization that we have established a fully fledged Forensic Lab and the right team Read More

Corporate Investigators In Kenya

Married or not, It is very stressful to imaging your partner with someone else. Read More


Most frequent questions and answers

LY private investigators charge fixed rates on cases like surveillance. Depending on the case location, complexity of the work and expertise of the private investigator, fees can range differently in Kenya. Pricelist

It is NOT illegal to hire a private investigator. A private investigator has no special legal powers than that of an ordinary citizen. Do not knowingly deceive or ask a private investigator to do something illegal. Do not hire a private investigator that you know breaks the law.

We are specialized in many areas including Forensic Document Examination, Fraud Examination and Criminal Investigations. Locating People and hidden Information – LY Private investigators access databases, interview acquaintances and piece together clues to track down people and information. They can use public records to fill in missing information and uncover a new name, address, telephone number and any other numbers.

Because there are many job opportunities within the private investigation field, it’s best to keep an open mind as you begin your career. 

Our Cost for cheating Spouses are fixed and you can find on our website for: Spy App or Matrimonial Surveillance Packages

Yes. LY Private Investigators testify in courts and different jurisdictions depending on the case worked. We are also known to give expert testimonies in most complex cases.



LY Undercover And Infiltration Services Kenya

Undercover Operations can be hectic and time consuming. You need patience ad the right set of skills for good results. Need Undercover investigations carried out on a firm/ someone you want information about? Contact LY Detectives Agency Private Investigators Nairobi Kenya

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