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For 15+ years, we’ve been known to provide excellent private investigation services on forensic and general private investigations in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa Kenya. With up to 2 hour turn around time, our clients enjoy fast and verifiable background checks,  Tracing, infidelity investigations among other services. Our capacity has improved over time and only here to serve our clients better for the current world and emerging trends in investigations. With deep roots in best private  investigation practices, rest assured your matter has our undivided attention.

– Speedy resolution of cases 

– Verifiable documentation on all Investigation

– Discreet

– Experienced & Diligent Investigators resolving over 96% of our cases

LY Private Investigators
Customized Optimized Investigative Solutions

Forensic Investigation

Technology and crime MO has changed the way we approach scenes and investigate the same matters. Consult the professionals

Fraud Management

We assist businesses in managing their fraud risks by our extensive and timely Fraud Examination and Intervention Mechanisms

Delinquency & Children

We raise them the best way we can but sometimes, things fall apart, what happens then?? Who do you turn to...

Asset Tracking & Mapping

Court cases go a lot smoother with the right documentation and timely evidence in place.

Matrimonial Services

Sensitive is the nature of most relationships especially before they end. Get the evidence that sees you through the court process

Track & Trace

Skip Tracing can be cumbersome, but not any more with our specialized solutions in debt management

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Confidentiality is KEY in our operations. Our private Investigators understand this and delivery timely verified investigation reports.

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Questioned Document Analysis

As a Private Investigations Firm In Kenya, LY Detectives undertakes Questioned-document analysis which involves a number of…
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Clients Testimonials

The dedication and service to our clients is reflected by independent reviews 

Covid19 hit us and the lockdown found me in Dc, back in Nairobi, Kenya I had to keep check on my establishments so I engaged LY for the job. No disappointments. Keep it up
Very good and expedient Forensic investigators in Nairobi. Any time I need info in Kenya or Johannesburg, I know the number to call. LY detectives are good at what they do.
William Bryant
Cape Town