Easy Business Relationship Checks

Avoid Online Trade Scams in 10 Simple Steps

How can I Privately Investigate a Company/Person Online?

You can use google to do private investigation in 10 simple ways and I will take you through each step.

  1. Search “Private Investigation Firms”
  2. Find a list who are all “The Best…”
  3. Visit a number of Sites (Avoid ADS)
  4. How long has each been Online?
  5. How FRUSTRATED are the online clients? Do I want to join the list?
  6. Conduct an Impromptu Office Visit
  7. Make Contact & Business
  8. Get some records for transaction in-case of dispute
  9. Relax and wait for delivery of service.

With the emergence of Working From Home Culture, online crime has sky rocketed. Quarantine and travel restrictions has made most businesses go online. Just how safe are you online?

How exactly can you conduct an effective business and avoid fraudsters online?

You’re probably seated somewhere at home in your country and you decide to use the great internet (Google) to find a firm that you will hire to conduct a certain service.

Now, time to decide which among “THE BEST” you want to at least call…

Take it from me, IGNORE ADS. Or if you prefer to WASTE TIME, click on the ads and you start going to sites you wish you never visited but damage is done. Perhaps you have a lot of time during your quarantine…

Go straight past the ADS and Maps to the organic results and start your research. Only use the map results when you’ve already finished your basic free research and want to make the call

Focus on the duration the private investigation company has been engaging online. You can do this by a simple click on their social media handle like “face-book“or “Linked in“.

When did they first post anything on social media?

What reviews do they have? Reviews are the best way to see how clients may be frustrated with the service of that particular firm.

Go to the locations they publicize both on their website and social media and see any consistency.
Do they have a physical office?
I know with the advent of COVID-19 people work from home but still, can you walk in at their offices for general inquiries??

Now you probably have about 2 or three that you want to further eliminate and remain with the flag bearer.

Go back to their websites and see if any pricing for what you want is listed and if you can afford and probably what consultation fee do they charge. I wouldn’t want to walk into a consultancy firm without a consultation fee just in case…

It’s probably time to reach out to the firms through their official communication lines.

Now here, in your mind you probably want the cheapest but remember, depending on the service you want provided, the operational costs differ.

By now, in your mind you already have a flag bearer but it’s time to let your EGO do its thing and call and let the firm convince your ID that they can handle the job.

This is where you will differentiate between QUACKS who want to quote cheap prices and get your money chapchap. They will tell a few weeks later that they are LOCKED DOWN in another County.

If you choose the quacks, there’s a high probability that you will still need the job done the right way by another firm.

This means more costs and you ending up blaming the entire private Investigation Industry yet the fault was on you.

Our part is to let you know…

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