LY Private Investigators in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa Kenya. We are the longest established and most respected Private Investigation Firm In Kenya. With offices in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa Kenya, Our Private Investigation Services are countrywide. Our private investigations services are very affordable, discrete and confidential. This, combined with our quality Professional Services, has earned us a reputation that we maintain against all odds.

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We get results. Not every problem has a simple solution but we’re realistic, tenacious and resolve a very high proportion (96%) of our cases. 15+ years of experience. Our team is multi-disciplined, which allows us to often provide a quicker solution to a case than some other firms. Realistic Assessment of the case, the time required to complete it and the costs involved. Offices in major Counties. We operate locally, nationally and at time worldwide. We travel the world if necessary to get the result you need. READ MORE Our Services
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Discreet surveillance and enquiries using the latest technology and investigative methods will be conducted in a non-intrusive manner and will not come to the attention of the employee, thereby protecting the employee-employer relationship in genuine cases. MORE Forensic Solutions We are your last resort once you have mistrust with the manner in which a criminal Investigation is being conducted by the relevant authorities. We have assisted countless of clients to get closure on their criminal cases… MORE Business Solutions
Commercial Corporate Investigations
Increasing challenges within the business environment can lead to problems affecting a business that were little heard of just a few years ago. With strains placed upon budgets and the working environment, seemingly small events can have a knock-on effect to a business interfering with its day to day running and, subsequently, its profitability. Let our Certified Fraud Examiners assist your firm today… MORE Litigation Solutions Document Examination Services in Kenya We are regularly engaged by Law Firms, government bodies, local politicians and commercial enterprises. We have a reputation for obtaining information, evidence and assisting in Litigation, Criminal Defense, and Appeal matters where comprehensive and detailed reporting is essential. Our experienced team will investigate the matter, obtain the evidence and present it in an acceptable format for all Courts together with Tribunal. MORE Spy Solutions Spies in Nairobi At LY Detective Agency Kenya Private Investigators, we invest in the latest technologies and we are committed to ensuring that we stay ahead, by combining the latest technology with human expertise and experience. The Kenya investigation industry has undergone tremendous changes over recent years. Long gone are the days of men in long raincoats hiding down dark alleys to spy on their targets. MORE Debugging Solutions
Bug Sweeping and Installation Services Across Kenya
In the corporate and industrial world, the competition may go to lengths to keep an eye on you, including illegal bugging of your phones, computers, vehicles, homes, and offices. If you have reason to believe that your life is being watched, and you want to be certain, then you should call LY Detective Agency immediately. MORE
Private Investigators In Nairobi Kenya
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Private Investigators In Nairobi Kenya
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LY Private Investigators Kenya Provide Professional Confidential Investigations Services on Forensics, Infidelity, Litigation Support, Asset Search, Background Checks, Financial Analysis, Company Reputation Analysis, Matrimonial Investigations and more
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