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GPS Tracking Solutions – Covert Fleet Tracking

What is Covert Vehicle and Fleet Tracking?

Our covert surveillance vehicle and fleet tracking services track any vehicle or person in Kenya and overseas. LY Private Investigator(s) Kenya will track your family, fleet and employees from anywhere in the world in real-time. Our fleet tracking systems are very effective.

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A GPS vehicle tracker is a small device that can be fitted to a vehicle discreetly. This allows the movement of that vehicle to be tracked at all times. The device detects the precise location of the vehicle at any time. Therefore, details of any stops and the length of time spent at each location will be recorded.

Our devices are also surveillance enabled. So, you will listen in to the surroundings of the vehicle and record the sound from any given part of the world.

The fleet and employees are tracked in real time to know where the vehicle is at all times. The sophisticated systems we use mean we provide you with a report for any day or time.

Investigation Applications;

Matrimonial Vehicle Tracking Services

LY Detectives PI Service
Customized Optimized Investigative Solutions

At LY Private Investigations, we understand the delicate nature of investigations. Our investigators have many years of experience in providing a discreet, reliable and professional service.
Our private detectives will install and remove GPS vehicle trackers discreetly.

We will present the information to you in a clear, concise report.
A GPS tracking system is an invaluable aid to a surveillance operation and a less intrusive method of tracking an individual’s movements. It also reduces the chances of an investigation being compromised. This is when an individual suspecting they are being followed.

If the results of the vehicle surveillance rouse your suspicions, then you hire us to carry out physical surveillance to capture the proof such as photographic evidence to confront your partner or spouse.