Background Checks

Background Check Services Across Kenya

Firing someone needs a good cause… just as their incompetency and error will cost your organization either in reputation or financially. Employee background check is vital in maintaining workforce integrity and safety. So, taking the correct steps is no longer an option but rather a necessity for all organizations.

Comprehensive Background Investigations

At LY Investigations, we understand that every organization is different. So, the activities within them require different competencies, skills and attributes.
A background check will cover from the little skipping of work or fake sick-off to where some rogue employees could be interfering with your distribution network.

Our Range of services include;

  • Passport and ID Checks
  •  Academic Qualifications Check
  • Directorship Search
  • Credit Reference Check (CRB)
  •  Professional Membership Qualifications Check
  •  Standard Criminality Check
  •  Previous Employment Check
  •  Police Clearance Certificate Check
  • Biometric Data (Fingerprints & Photo Comparison)
  •  Ethics and Anti-Corruption Checks
  •  Validation of Certificates/Credential
  •  Confirmation of Professional Referee
  •  Property Ownership Search
  •  Bankruptcy Search
  •  Social Media Search 
  • e.t.c