COVID-19 Protective Gear Vs Crime and Identification

There is need for Criminal Investigators to upgrade the game in light of Covid-19.

Crime incidents have increased during lock down and curfew hours in various countries.

What is emerging to be a challenge for crime fighters, like LY Detectives Agency, is the increasing use of gloves and face masks.

Fraud Examination And RedesignsAs a detective, I see a problem that needs to be addressed before we lose the war against crime.

Before COVID-19, some criminal perpetrators did not understand the use of face masks and gloves in their operations. I bet some still don’t… This made identification and referencing a bit easy with the correct database.

I will not delve into the hows on gloves and masks on this article. Instead, I will offer some suggestions on how crime can still be fought and positive identifications made in the absence of CCTV and FINGERPRINTS

Did you know that there are other options available to make positive identification?

Take EAR MARKS for example.

Ear marks are unique to each individual. The subject on this is still open for debate but while the debate continues, crime fighters should start making databases for this.

When one wears their masks correctly to cover their nose and chin, there is a high likelihood that the ears remain uncovered (sometimes with a little distortion if not adorned properly).

The mask covers almost your entire face and soon there will be masks that cover entire heads. Regulation on masks and style is still a long way to come for most governments.

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When dusting surfaces for prints, it is important for the scene examiner to lift including other marks that may include EAR MARKS. This can be put in a database as investigations continue and a further analysis done on the same.

Other ways of identifying the perpetrators in such instances would include the movements captured by CCTV, body posture, Clothing, Eyes and even signs used during the perpetration among others

The little efforts we make as crime fighters will go a long way as the MO changes.

It is our duty to adapt as the world changes right in front of us.

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Credit Card Fraud Scams at Shopping And Fuel Stations in Kenya

I love using my credit card to pay for fuel and other amenities. It is fast and super convenient and “fraud proof”.

Plus, when the tax-man comes, I can at least account for some of my expenses…

So, on Monday, 2nd March 2020, on my way to Mombasa, I stopped by to refuel. As usual, I gave my card for payment.

Only that things slightly went wrong…

First, I give the card….

They put amount…

They return the gadget for my pin and I do the pin religiously…


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Crap!!! I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT I HAVE MONEY IN THERE SO, to avoid a little embarrassing situation, I immediately redo my pin (perhaps it’s the long journey from Nairobi that has made me miss a digit on my pin…I tell myself…

Once I do the second time, the fuel attendant takes the gadget before I press the green button and says…

“acha nieke receipt ndani chapchap…”

“…let me insert the receipt…”

So, she inserts it and prints a copy….

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I go ahead with my journey not knowing that I’ve actually paid twice for one service.

What actually happened was that the first time, a deduction was made and a prompt sent by the bank to my number, but I couldn’t check because of the nice reception and deceptive smiles from the attendant who maybe mistakenly forgot that the gadget had run out of receipts or intentionally targets long distance travelers.

So, I check my phone after a few hours and I have two messages from my card issuer with two deductions from the same petrol station and it hits me… I’m a great investigator but they’ve pulled one on me…

Though late, my investigative instincts start setting in and I begin to think through the situation…

How many victims so far have undergone the same???

Especially the ones who love deleting texts before reading or blocking promotional texts from institutions…

What if this is an elaborate scheme by most service stations???

How many people do not follow up on such and how much do these guys make on a daily basis???


  1. First, perhaps you have not asked your bank to send you prompts on your mobile phone, please do.
  2. Be checking the prompts every time you use your card to purchase anything, however little…
  3. Always counter check if what you have purchased is the exact amount you have been charged
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LY Workplace Guidelines

Since the first case of COVID-19 conformation in Kenya, the Kenya government implemented a partial lock down  for the past 57 Days…and counting…

Health Workplace Guidelines

This has rubbed some of our best LY private investigators in Nairobi the wrong way but an effective move although the numbers still rise…

Citizen responsibility is still key to winning this war.

We encourage all our staff and clients to adhere to measures put by the government.

On our part, we’ve implemented guidelines that protect both our staff and clients as we move into the future together

Our Investigation services include:

  • Forensic Document Examination (FDE)
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Tracking & Tracing Options
  • Asset Search And Mapping
  • Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Litigation Support
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  • Child Protection Corner

Stay Home, Stop The Spread. Let LY work on your behalf.

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LY Undercover And Infiltration Services Kenya

UNDERCOVER AND INFILTRATION OPERATIONS – LY Detectives Agency Private Investigators

With LY Private Investigators’ undercover and infiltration operations, the realm of private investigators in Kenya begins to delve deeper into more “picturesque” ideas of investigation. Oftentimes, in movies and pop culture, investigators are seen as “actors” who play a specific role, lying, and being deceptive in order to gain information. They create a false persona in order to infiltrate a group, company, or secrete society and gain the confidences of specific persons and convince them to share incredibly important information. Behind the persona of an innocent, friendly employee, private investigators are able to make suspects disclose information that would otherwise never be found.

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This is, in most cases, exactly what undercover and infiltration operations entail.

Unlike many other cases that require the help of LY private investigators, undercover and infiltration operations require oftentimes require the use of more than one private investigator. Of course, it is quite possible for a single private investigator to carry out an undercover or infiltration operation, but most cautious individuals will be willing to sacrifice the glamour of working alone to work with a team.

Undercover and infiltration operations are carried out for one reason: somebody such as an employee, co-worker, group member, or other person somehow affiliated with a group is acting suspicious. They begin with the selected private investigators going undercover, assuming different personas, and often inserting themselves into the company system by acting as new employees of a company, thereby diverting suspicion and attention from themselves.

Once an undercover private investigation group has successfully infiltrated a company and assumed roles as employees they use sophisticated, high-tech, and professional surveillance equipment to survey employees, monitor their activities, document evidence, and gain information. As they begin to learn more, they will be able to identify “problematic employees”. These problematic employees are the people that a company should watch out for; they are disgruntled, ambitious, or, for some other reason, at risk for disclosing company secrets or working with competitors for their own personal gain. These problematic employees are marked as suspects and carefully monitored by the private investigation infiltration team.

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Once problematic employees or co-workers have been identified, a private investigation team may go their separate ways. Information can be turned over to the company for their analysis and the company may choose to continue closely monitoring problematic employees or terminate them based on gathered evidence. Additionally, a private investigation team may partially disband. Once the difficulty of tracking down problematic employees has been completed and their general routine has been established, it is not always necessary for the entire team to remain on the premises in their disguises. The length and course of the undercover and infiltration operation is a decision that is made at the discretion of the client.

LY Investigative Services is one of many private investigative services that will be able to help you successfully conduct an undercover or infiltration operation. However, unlike many other investigative services, LY Detectives Agency Services will be able to provide clients with highly professional, experienced private investigators with up to date, powerful technology at their disposal. Unlike many issues that could potentially call for the help of private investigative services, undercover and infiltration operations require two things that are unavailable to non-professionals: manpower and technology.

With LY Private investigative services, you are provided a team that would be otherwise unavailable to amateurs that were attempting to act on their own. Additionally, LY private investigative services are able to provide the high-tech surveillance technology that is required to discover suspect employees, track their movements, and document actions in such a way that information would stand up in court if a company chooses to pursue legal action.