Why Lawyers Need Private Investigators in Kenya

Some companies still have the idea of ​​the private detective as a movie type or with unorthodox methods, and nothing is further from reality. 

In addition to being a qualified and registered professionals, you are required to have a record of your proceedings available to the State Security Services and Bodies. 

In this article we explain how a private detective agency can collaborate with law firms in Kenya.

Private Investigation Firms in Kenya: collaboration with lawyers

It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of investigations of private investigators in Kenya aim to provide evidence for a lawsuit (80%) . 

Therefore, collaboration is important, as long as it is properly directed by the lawyer and, ultimately, following the wishes of the clients . 

There are some aspects that we have to highlight in this type of operations, especially the legal regulations that must be followed. For that reason, it is essential to have the professional contest.

It is essential to indicate that the activity of these professionals is strictly regulated , for reasons of privacy and effectiveness before the courts, which gives peace of mind to those who hire them. 

The work of  private detectives  is governed by Kenyan Law, being today a regulated and collegiate profession that has to follow protocols. Although in Kenya there is already the habit of some law firms hiring the detective, it is still not usual as in Anglo-Saxon countries, so there is still a lot of work to do.

It should be noted that there are four main areas in which private investigators in Nairobi act: labor , business , family and insurance . 

Obviously, there are more areas, but these are the ones that concentrate the vast majority of judicial files and investigation requirements. We will analyze them to know the different implications.

1. Scope of work: fraud in sick leave

The sick leave feigned are a recurring motif that makes you lose several million euros annually to the national economy. 

On many occasions, the entrepreneur intuits that there is a fraud and the lawyer too, but there is no way to prove it. 

That is where the work of the private detective serves to provide evidence to companies that serve to win a trial for dismissal.

Normally, collecting evidence is relatively easy if monitoring is done. The problem is that this is not the lawyer’s job and that, in order for them to go before a court, they have to follow a certain protocol . A collegial detective follows a code of ethics.

2. Corporate scope: counterfeit detectives

The corporate lawsuits create problems in business and there are several assumptions that can be given, so that should have private detectives in Kenya hand to avoid problems millionaires.

The first usual case is that of industrial espionage , which causes a medium and long-term property damage to people. 

Identifying the cause is essential to debug responsibilities and demand financial compensation if appropriate. In addition, the problem is that non-identification can cause more problems of this type in the short term.

The second case is that of forgery of prototypes or plagiarisms , which can make our company lose a lot of money if we have already registered that idea in the market. 

What we do as detectives is to look for evidence to prove it to make the corresponding claim before the commercial authorities and competition courts.

Finally, we cannot stop talking about the asset investigation , essential when there is a problem of debts  or solvency of the partners ( due diligence ). The insolvency assumption is well known, as is the fact that, on occasion, it is not sufficiently substantiated. In addition, it goes without saying that an inquiry on time can save us a lot of money in the future.

3. Family law

In family law , there are two most recurring causes that originate most of the lawsuits: contentious divorces , so it is related to the estate, and child custody .

When one of the parties wants to divorce , it is important to provide evidence that the other spouse is unfaithful or has reprehensible personal conduct . 

This is especially important in the case of contentious divorces . In the event that it is proven that one of the parties has failed in their marital duties, the evidence will influence the judgment that determines the distribution of the property in common.

The second assumption is that of child custody , which may be related to the divorce process or be many years later. The important thing is to test if one of the parents is not in a position to take good care of the children. 

Now, as sensitive as this issue is, you should only rely on specialists of impeccable professionalism.

4. Insurance companies

The insurance companies lose a lot of money by fraud, being habitual simulation accidents or fires, hence, in the event that the expert take a Inconclusive opinion, the competition is fundamental. 

There may also be the situation of having an opinion that suggests intentionality but lacks evidence for the insurer to claim an unjustified payment.

In fact, this is one of the most common applications and, increasingly, law firms propose their hiring to prove fraud and face trials with victory guarantees. In the medium term, whoever has the services of detectives in Kenya will notice the difference .


LY DETECTIVES offers comprehensive services of all kinds focused on  private research for companies and individuals . We can dedicate ourselves to all types of matters and collaborate with law firms to obtain the necessary evidence. 

For Law firms we offer asset search, background checks, criminal Investigation, case reviews, expert testimonies and criminal defenses.

If you are looking for a private detective agency with guarantees and that can work anywhere in the world, we are the best solution. We propose that you contact us to request information and budget.

LY Questioned-Document Analysis –Private Investigators Nairobi Kenya

As a Private Investigations Firm In Kenya, LY Detectives undertakes Questioned-document analysis which involves a number of areas of forensic inquiry. It is an apprenticeship field, requiring years of practice and work with experienced examiners.

The most familiar area of questioned-document examination is handwriting analysis.

Here LY examiners are called upon to determine if a particular person was the author of a document. The examiner compares characteristics of the questioned document with those of a document either previously written by the suspect or purposely taken as a known handwriting sample, also called an exemplar/sample. There are no universal standards for the number of characteristics that must be present in order for the document examiner to conclude that a particular person was the author of a document. It is up to the individual examiner to determine when there is sufficient evidence.

LY Forensic document examiners are called upon to determine if a particular instrument made a typewritten or printed document or if a particular copier made a copy of a document. Unless there are some unusual characteristics or defects in the instrument, it is generally not possible to answer such questions definitively.

Our document examiners are also called upon to examine alterations in documents such as erasures, addition of material, obliterated writing, and charred documents. Such work involves chemical analysis as well as physical and observational techniques. Examiners are frequently asked to determine the age of a document, particularly those that are handwritten in ink.

A document may consist of a number of entries made at different times, and questions may arise as to whether a particular entry was made at a purported time. In other cases, the age of an entire document may be called into question. The determination of the age of the ink on a document is accomplished by uncovering changes in the chemical composition of the ink that take place over time. A similar type of analysis may also be done on the paper, especially if ink was not used to write the document.

Corporate Investigations helps in the protection of investments and equity.

It is necessary to constantly innovate and take out new services because criminals innovate and those of us on the side of good must do the same. 

That is why in LY Detectives we have addressed the new challenges in investment by creating this service.

Lately, the crimes against patrimony are occupying many headlines and we take part in many hours of investigation at the request of authorities.

We are asked to investigate the scam to which they are or have been submitted.

The truth is that as time passes one thinks that these types of scams should be known and that people would not incur them, many people fall victims in the following:

  • Purchase and sale of vehicles online.
  • Investments without knowing the manager and everything online.
  • Rental of apartments and real estate.

In short, scams, even the most elementary and oldest, known and improved, remain an important part of the crime and its modus operandi from outside Kenya.

However, when it comes to heritage, you have to make sure that what is behind a website, an email address, a mobile, or any other form of contact with the manager, is authentic, real, reliable and legal.

Our goal has been to design a service that allows the client to have a clear and reliable image, limit the risk and know who is behind an economic transaction in order to protect their assets, their expectations, their illusions.

Due-Diligence Investigation Services in Kenya

The purpose of this service is to offer the client (investor) a faithful image of the company, business, individual, etc. with which you want to establish a commercial-economic relationship and put a part of your assets/capital in the hands of third parties for its management and profitability.

Therefore, before investing in certain funds that offer a tremendous guarantee and profitability, that have a really attractive website and that have comments from really impressive clients, it is convenient to conduct due diligence, analyze, request information, contrast data and issue a report that allows the client (investor) know and make decisions based on facts, on data, and not only on appearances or possible false news and comments that appear on the web.

Protection in the purchase and sale of vehicles

People see “bargains”, believe what they see, high-end vehicles at good prices, with ease of bringing them to Kenya immediately and for a reasonable amount of money.

They fall into the trap (scam), they pay a small amount as a reservation, and they are asked for a larger amount for the purchase and documentation in their vehicle name. Later documentation is sent that is not real and that the vehicle is already in transit to Kenya.

But there is no car, no company, no procedure, no associated sales channel, or place where you can see the car, and even, there are photos of workshops, which without knowing their owners, are being part of this credibility image that The scammers want to give the buyer.

For this, we have also established an investigation procedure based on what our experience in these matters is; leading us to these “cartels” organized in the purchase and sale of vehicles.

We offer the client the possibility of contracting the investigation before disbursing any amount of important money to buy a vehicle that does not exist.

Protection in the rental of real estate

And in the part corresponding to real estate scams, there are also criminal organizations that put photos of real estate that are not theirs.

They adore and treat them conveniently with an edited image or they simply offer at low prices a property that does not exist.

The image counts a lot, it is retouched and does not correspond to reality, either because of the views, or because of the appearance, or because of the furniture or because of the neighbourhood. In itself, everything is part of the economic scam.

The rental of real estate is regulated, there are laws in this regard, and beyond that, we must know who is rented, what is rented and who is paid and where it is paid.

Always remember that LY Detectives “cares for you”.