Business Feasibility Study in Kenya

A business feasibility study is not what falls into the “norm” of what encompasses private investigative services in Kenya. Most private investigators and private investigative services are shrouded with a stigma of mystery. They track people through the dead of night, gathering information through hardly-legal means and return to speak to clients in a poorly lit office, smoking a cigar.

The reality is quite different.

A business feasibility study does not involve any of the clandestine watching, seeking, or gathering. The means by which any information used in a business feasibility study is gained may, of course, involve clandestine watching, seeking, or gathering, but that is beside the point. If it is the information that you are focusing on, then LY Detectives agency Kenya Investigative Services will be able to provide you the services necessary to find that information.

Information required for a business feasibility study can be gained from a number of different sources. Sometimes surveillance and intelligence of competitors, their plans, and their plans is required. Sometimes a survey of the general population—the marketplace of the business—is the information that is needed. And, of course, there are many other sources that could yield information.

The gathering of this information may sometimes be hard for an individual—especially a busy individual involved in the business world who has other things to deal with. LY Detectives Agency has the proper private investigators at their disposal who will be able to gain this information for you. The individuals that are hired by the firm (and could potentially be hired by you) are highly trained professionals equipped with the knowledge, technology, and tools to gain you the information that could make the difference for your business. While you are fully capable of conducting a business feasibility study, the average individual is not always capable and equipped to conduct widespread surveillance of market bases, competitors, or any other aspect that may want to be investigated by a corporation or individual.

Of course, a business feasibility study refers to the study itself—not the investigations. It is important to understand what the word “feasible” means when trying to understand what a business feasibility study is. Feasible has many definitions. It means successful. It means capable of being done or being carried out. It means reasonable. Most of all, it means suitable. The purpose of a business feasibility study is to create a strategic plan from gathered data. A business conducts a feasibility study to find the plan of action that they will most benefit from—and what is needed to make a successful study? Information.

While business feasibility does require the gathering of data (much like an investigation) it more heavily focuses and analysis and interpretation. Whatever information has been gathered is analyzed by professionals, members of the business, or a combination of both. After analysis, the information is interpreted to draw a conclusion about the business’ current standing in any number of fields.

Business feasibility studies can be conducted on a number of different things. A study can concern a target, market, subject matter, or product. Sometimes a business may want to know the feasibility of a new product, the attitude of a certain targeted market towards a new product, or any combination of the aforementioned concerns a business may have. A business feasibility study will provide business workers a model with which to analyze information and draw conclusion that can be used for strategic planning purposes. Businesses want to know: How does the public like our product? What is our public’s attitude? Who should our target audience be? What are our competitors doing? Should we be like our competitors? A business feasibility study is what is conducted to gain a clearer answer to such questions.


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