Due Diligence

LY DETECTIVES : Due-Diligence Investigation Services in Kenya

In today’s uncertain economic environment, it is more important for business owners to make the right decisions. Contemplating a major business transaction such as a merger, acquisition, joint venture or new partnership requires Due Diligence Investigations.

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence varies in meaning according to the business, organization or industry. It involves an investigation of the background and reputation of a business or individual prior to signing a contract which makes them legally responsible for an entity.

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Due Diligence Investigations

Knowledge is fundamental to making lucrative business decisions. Imagine what could happen if you invested heavily in a new business venture, without first investigating those you would be doing business with. You could end up with a bad investment, angry investors, or in a business relationship that causes you a lot of hassle.
We carry out Due diligence investigations before a major business transaction such as an acquisition or merger, to protect your current or future intellectual property. We also safeguard your company’s reputation.
However, you may also wish to undertake a due diligence investigation to check on the integrity of your employees, suppliers, contractors or colleagues, especially if you manage from a distance. If your employees spend a lot of time on the road, or if you’re experiencing problems due to a lack of somebody else’s industry.

The Role of LY Private Investigators

At LY Private Investigations, we have a team of experienced private detectives with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out thorough due diligence investigations, so you can be confident about your business decisions.
Our investigators use a range of modern techniques and technology to find out the information you need to know. Investigations often entail forensic accounting, background checks, asset searches, mystery shopping and surveillance.
We work discreetly and efficiently to ensure you have enough information to make an informed decision, without compromising your business relations.
The nature of each investigation will vary depending on the individual case. Each assignment is assessed so that we can appoint the investigator with the necessary skills and expertise for your needs.