Employee Conduct

Employee Absenteeism & Misconduct Investigations

Employees are one of a businesses most valuable assets. They are representatives of your company, and are often entrusted with sensitive information that may be of value to your competitors.
In any business in Kenya, large or small, there is a risk of employee misconduct, ranging from theft to laziness, moonlighting to malingering. Unfortunately, if these incidents are not dealt with swiftly, they can affect company finances and cause low morale. A happy workforce is a productive one. It’s essential to deal with any cases of employee absenteeism and misconduct swiftly and efficiently.

Employee Absenteeism

Sick days may be  the result of an employee wanting a long weekend which, over time, impacts company profits and productivity. On other occasions, employees may be working elsewhere while receiving sick pay from you, or even setting up their own business in direct competition with yours, using your intellectual property.

Employee Misconduct

Employee misconduct covers a wide range of dishonest activities including property and intellectual theft, embezzlement, personal activities on company time, moonlighting, corporate espionage, and other dishonest activities such as fake time-sheets and false expense claims.

The Role of LY Private Investigators

LY Private detectives are invaluable in a company’s fight against employee absenteeism and misconduct. When appointed, we will first discuss the issue with you, and consider any reasons behind the employee’s actions, before advising on the best course of action.
Discreet surveillance and inquiries using the latest technology and investigative methods will be conducted in a non-intrusive manner and will not come to the attention of the employee, thereby protecting the employee-employer relationship in genuine cases.
All evidence will be presented to you in a clear, concise report, and will be admissible for use in a court case or tribunal.
We have an excellent track record of investigating and solving cases involving employee absenteeism and misconduct, and have many repeat corporate clients who are confident in our abilities to uncover the truth and find the necessary evidence to resolve the matter.