Forensic Questioned Document Examination (FQDE)

Handwriting comparison and signature examination techniques form the basis of traditional questioned document examination.

Our experts have embraced technology in solving complex document queries.

Court proceedings in Kenya & most Common Law States have now been made much convenient and faster with LY Certified Document Examiners.

Forensic Solutions And Applications:

  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Signature Analysis
  • Finger Print Analysis
  • Stamp and Seal Analysis
  • Counterfeit Analysis
  • Ink Analysis
  • Land Records
  • Invisible & Indented Writing Analysis 
  • IP Source Interrogations

When & Why is Forensic Document Examination Techniques and Equipment Used?

Forensic Document Examination (FDE) is a forensic science discipline in which LY expert examiners evaluate documents disputed in the legal system. “Documents” may be defined broadly as being any material bearing marks, signs or symbols intended to convey a message or meaning to someone.

In Principle, most examinations involve a comparison of the document, or aspects of the document, to a set of known standards (i.e., authentic specimens). LY’s goal and practice in forensic document examination is to systematically evaluate the attributes and characteristics of a document in order to reveal how it was prepared or how it may have been modified.