Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigation Services

Crime Scene Reconstruction, Crime Scene Analysis, Laboratory Evidence Analysis, Trace and Capture of Perpetrators, Court Expert Testimony

Do you have that incident where you have a gut feeling that the initial investigators did not handle right, or fingerprints and DNA that you want to confirm? With our forensic investigation branch, you can now do exactly that. We are up to date with the latest technology in forensic investigations and the right team to handle the matters…

Our areas of digital forensic expertise

Criminal Investigations.

Technology has brought lots of change on how the modus operandi of criminals is. We are here to ensure that no criminal reported to us will ever get away… Our qualified team explores all options and solves cases in a scientific manner that is admissible in court.


Forensic Accounting Services. In this modern age, robbers are getting fewer and fewer as white-collar criminals increase… It is with this view that we have developed our forensic accounting team to assist our clients with queries on this area.

Computer and Mobile Forensics. Let our expert technicians retrieve computer and electronic evidence vital to the success of your case.

Questioned documents. Handwriting comparison and signature examination techniques form the basis of traditional questioned document examination.

Tracing Services. In any given investigations in Kenya, the perpetrator has to be identified and brought to justice. We endeavor to trace any individual and our success rate is 96%.