Fraud Investigations

Employee Theft Investigations In Kenya

Employee theft is a fundamental problem for all businesses, large or small; public or private.

As Certified Fraud Examiners, we have technology and gadgets that will help you in internal control mechanisms from Recruitment, Professional Training, supply chain activities to other day to day activities.

According to EACC statistics, thefts by employees placed in positions of responsibility and trust account for as much as 70 % of all items stolen from businesses, something that has a massive impact on the bottom line of company profits. At the end of the day, we all pay for the dishonesty of others, whether in the increased price of goods or higher insurance premiums. However, there is only so much that can be built into a costing structure in order to stay competitive.

At LY Private Investigations, we have a team of highly trained private investigators with the skills and experience to investigate employee theft and provide you with the evidence you need to carry out the relevant disciplinary action.

While investigating your case, we also provide proactive measures to ensure that your firm/company is fraud proof.