How to Catch a Cheating Spouse in Kenya

Hire a LY Private investigators to find out if your partner is cheating on you

LY Private detective agency receives quite often the request of an investigator to discover marital infidelity. 

Undoubtedly, these sentimental problems are sometimes also made visible, by some changes in the behaviour of the spouse.

In Kenya, today, they have become a habitual situation and create great uncertainty in the couple, since it becomes the unavoidable need for sabre if your partner deceives you.

Hire Private detectives to find out if your partner is cheating on you

Therefore, this feeling of uncertainty, generated by certain signs that can make you suspect your partner, ends up in the hiring of a detective.

The duty of the detective is to discover infidelities specialized in sentimental investigations in order to obtain evidence that ratifies or refutes said conjugal infidelity.

What is a private detective?

private detective is a professional and legally accredited investigator to conduct independent, objective inquiries about infidelity and therefore, find out if your partner is cheating on you. 

For this, our private detectives have received specialized training and have the following characteristics:

  1. Good observer
  2. Discreet
  3. Patient
  4. Creative

How to discover infidelity?

The most important thing is to have indications that your partner is being unfaithful. To start with the basics, be keen on any changes especially in habits or behaviour of your spouse. 

We can also specify some circumstances according to the gender of the person who is being unfaithful.

Private Investigators In Kenya On Infidelity
Customized Investigations

Unfaithful wife: From our experience in infidelity investigation in Kenya, to know if your wife cheats on you we take note of some changes such as;

  • meeting new people,
  • having a new friendship group,
  • changes in working hours,
  • continued trips,
  • changes in attitude with the couple,
  • greater privacy, etc.

Unfaithful husband: in men, there are also changes that are often repeated. A good exaple is captured in the following;

  • as variations in the way they dress,
  • change of perfume,
  • constant departures for work,
  • nights away from home,
  • decreased sexual appetite,
  • unexpected expenses in gifts or restaurants, etc.

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Hire a Private detective to discover an infidelity

As we have indicated previously, the private detective is the most qualified person to carry out this type of investigations since he will be able to provide evidence that will document whether your partner is unfaithful or not.

Once the fieldwork is carried out, that is, the investigation as such, the detective from LY will carry out a report in which he will add all the relevant information for the case.

If you think your partner is unfaithful and you want to get out of doubt, you can contact a private detective through our form and we will advise.