Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my case be kept confidential?

A: We NEVER discuss or pass on our clients information to anyone else outside the firm and even within the firm, it is on a Need To Know Basis. We have a duty to ensure your information is kept confidential. We are duly registered and will never disclose your information just to nail another potential client

Q. What Types of Cases Does LY Private Investigators Handle?

A. We are retained in all sorts of cases. Forensic Document Examination and Criminal Investigations is why most Law Firms, Corporate/ Businesses and also Private Citizens retain us for Legal Support and Criminal Forensic Investigations. We also handle family law cases like adultery/ infidelity, child custody, Tracing Run-Aways. Our day to day activities vary depending on the case at hand. Our services

Q: How do I instruct LY Private Detectives?

A: Instructions can be given via telephone calls, email or via whats-app. We have also conducted hundreds of instructions from overseas.

Q: How much will my investigation cost?

A: Every assignment is different therefore, we have listed some prices on our website. Our fee is agreed upon during the consultation stage.

Q: How do I pay for a Private Detective?

A: The easiest and most commonly used method is to pay by bank transfer. We also accept all major debit and credit cards, MPesa, and paypal. Once our fee has been agreed, no further funds will be debited without your prior consent.

Q: How do I know I can trust your company to do the work?

A: LY Detectives Agency is Kenya’s longest established and most respected firm of private investigations. We have accomplished thousands of assignments over the past 15 years of existence, including assignments from overseas and other local investigative firms.

Q: Will you break the law to get information?

A: NO we never break the law while working on any assignment. We find legal ways to get you the information including loops in the legal system.

Q: Why should I choose your company over one of your competitors?

A: A very good question.  They will quote cheap prices to lure you in then weeks later you come back to us to help you trace them and recover your hard earned money. We have seen many “investigation companies” set up, only to see them disappear again, almost as quickly as they appeared. We have been investigating successfully for many years. All our staff are qualified, experienced and bound by contracts and strict confidentiality and non-disclosure policies.have

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