Surveillance Investigation Services Kenya

LY Private Investigators In Nairobi Kenya has moved Surveillance services from the traditional techniques of physically following individuals to a world where technology does the surveillance for us. As Kenya’s top private detective and investigations firm, our technology continues to improve every week so as to improve services to our ever growing clientele.

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Customized Optimized Investigation Solutions

As private investigators Kenya, we have noticed that the thought of surveillance may seem distasteful to some commercial enterprises and to some individuals. However, it is often be the most appropriate course of action in sensitive situations. In order to verify information you need an independent and unbiased report, using a reliable and professional source.

At LY Detective Agency, we carry out professional surveillance. We will provide you with fully detailed authenticated reports backed up by video, photographic or audio evidence. We can also act on your behalf as professional witnesses to support you and your clients through the process of law.

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Customized: Optimized Investigative Solutions…

Surveillance Investigation Services

  • Static Observations
  • Foot Observations
  • Photographic and Video Observations
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Undercover Surveillance for Internal….
  • Theft, Pilfering and Fraud
  • Patent and Copyright infringement
  • Counter Industrial Espionage
  • Employee vetting
  • Conflict of Interest
  • GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking