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As the longest established and most respected private investigation firm in Kenya, we handle: Homicide, Robberies, House Breaking, Cold Cases, Fraud, Document Examination, Skip Tracing, Cons(Scams), Computer Forensics, Infidelity Investigations, Background Checks etc.. We offer Exemplary Service. Retained by individuals, several law firms and businesses to input our expert opinion on matters. We deliver in every case we undertake. Over the years, our team has successfully handled hundreds of cases and that is why clients trust us worldwide.
The Modus Operandi Of Criminals Change. Each scene is always unique. It is with this realization that we have established a fully fledged Forensic Lab and the right team to handle Any and All Criminal Investigation Matters: Homicide, Robberies, House Breaking, Cold Cases, Fraud, Document Examination, Skip Tracing, Scams, Computer Forensics and More...
To win a case (beyond reasonable doubt or on a balance of probabilities) you need the right evidence. We have a reputation for obtaining information and assisting in Litigation matters where comprehensive and detailed reporting is essential. Retained by several law firms and businesses to input our expert opinion on matters. We also handle Asset Searches, Background Checks, Employee Conduct Investigations, Insurance Claims, Appeals..
Married or not, It is very stressful to imaging your partner with someone else. The suspicion itself can be overwhelming. Here, we understand that your need help and concrete evidence to either confront your partner or go for divorce. We also understand that you did not budget for this and therefore have affordable solutions for you...

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Over the years, we have worked behind the scenes with local authorities and TV stations to bring Kenyans the truth. Curtesy of the local channels, we have helped our clients safeguard their businesses. Here are some videos...

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Here are Independent Reviews from some of our satisfied clients over the years
LY Private Investigators Nairobi has been our background check and skip trace firm since 2016 and as a financial institution, we can now give loans knowing that there's a backup plan. They are very timely in tracing individuals and their trackers are effective. If you need tracing services, I highly recommend to you LY Detectives Private Investigators in Kenya.
Mrs. Janet Anditi

Mrs. Janet Anditi


There were some misappropriation in our flower farm in Naivasha back in 2017-2018. We engaged LY Private Investigators and their undercover operation saved the farm millions of Ksh. I will always recommend LY Investigators Nairobi for any detailed investigations.
Macharia Wil

Macharia Wil


Any time I need to monitor my overseas establishments, I call this LY Private Investigators In Nairobi Kenya and I know I can trust them...They have served me right since 2015. Very expedient services. Kudos!!!
Griffins Marshel

Griffins Marshel


My nephew was kidnapped in Mombasa in 2018. Having assigned LY Private Investigation Agency before on other matters, I called the agency and just three days later the boy was returned and the police made arrests. I thank *****, the lead investigator on my case for your attention to details on my case.
Tony G

Tony G



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LY Private Investigators Firm in Kenya is a Regional Private Investigations Firm/Company that carry out its' intelligence operations in East and Central Africa Region. With LY Agency as your Private Investigations and Surveillance resource, you or your company effectively acquire an intelligence division.
Yonah S Lieta

Yonah S Lieta

Yonah Lieta is the Founder and Current Director Of LY Detectives Agency.
Joseph O’ Leleke

Joseph O’ Leleke

Chief Of Operations
Rtd.Maj. J. Leleke, a former Military Intelligence Personnel, has been with the company 12 years. He is in charge of all Strategic Intelligence Operations of the company.
Rhoda R. G

Rhoda R. G

Head HR
Mrs. R.Gichina is the Head of Human Resources. She is holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Daystar University. She is a social family lady with over 20 years experience in the Industry.

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