Private Investigators In Kenya On Infidelity

Often, suspicions are aroused due to behavioral changes in a partner and it is unclear whether these changes are as innocent as they may claim. In some cases our investigators have found that suspected unfaithful partner are merely planning a surprise for their other half. However, this is not always the case. You may be certain that your partner is unfaithful or keeping secrets from you and it is simply a matter of proving this. Only by having the facts and proof of their actions will you be able to resolve your concerns and if necessary confront the problem.



  • They have become distant/ ignore you or become defensive when confronted
  • Distinct changes in mobile phone usage
  • Won’t answer their phone around you
  • Work late more often than usual
  • Very protective over computer history and their computer usage habit change
  • Spending more time away from home
  • Their clothes have distinctive smells of perfume, aftershave, alcohol or smoke
  • Not as interested in sex

These are just a few signs which may be reason for you to suspect that your partner is being unfaithful.

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