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Criminal Investigations.

Criminal Investigations

Technology has brought lots of change on how the modus operandi of criminals is. We are here to ensure that every crime reported to us gets the professional forensic attention the victims deserve. It is important to hire a private investigations firm whose full focus is in criminal investigations in Read more…
Blackmail Investigations

Blackmail Investigations

Many times, we get calls from our clients who want analysis and investigations on a blackmail case. It is important to note that such cases are taken very seriously for there is always a threat to life or threat to reputation damage attached to it. We resolve blackmail cases by Read more…
Due Diligence Investigations In Kenya


Due Diligence is very important for planning and engagement matters. Are you planning to invest or go into a partnership or marriage with someone? It is important to get your facts right before engaging in such matters. LY brings you the opportunity to know all you need to know about Read more…

Corporate Intelligence

Information is crucial in every business. Acknowledging that change in business is not only constant, but also dynamic and affected by a myriad of influences. Our intelligence service gives comprehensive information. Corporate Support Services lydetectives
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