Technology has brought lots of change on how the modus operandi of criminals is. We are here to ensure that every crime reported to us gets the professional forensic attention the victims deserve. It is important to hire a private investigations firm whose full focus is in criminal investigations in Kenya. We handle numerous cases on a daily basis at any given time and work closely with relevant government authorities to ensure crime is solved.

  • Cold Cases
  • Homicides
  • Scams
  • Burglaries
  • House Breaking
  • Office/ Institution Thefts
  • Supply Chain Misappropriations
  • Skip Tracing

Everyday our agents are faced by the above named cases and we endevor to give our clients closure through a thorough investigation process.

We not only visit the scenes to collect the evidence left by perpetrators but we also go a mile further in analysis of the scene of crime to provide detailed photos and sketches that will be crucial in court cases.

Kenya Forensic Investigation Services
Private Investigation Firms In Kenya

Our qualified team explores all options and solves cases in a scientific manner that is admissible in court.


LY Detectives Agency is a private investigations firm operating in Kenya, East and Central Africa.


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