Emerging Trends In Private investigators in Kenya On Infidelity

Over the years, we’ve been known as the best investigative agency in Kenya in matters related to criminality. Today, we will divert your attention to something that affects a number of people’s livelihoods and that is infidelity.

Questions Raised
1. Why do men cheat?
2. What can I do if he is cheating on me
3. How can I catch a cheating spouse?
4. Ways to catch a cheating spouse in Nairobi
5. Find a cheating spouse investigator in Kenya

Couples tend to believe that cheating only or mostly happens on Fridays and weekends. This is not the case anymore…
Our data and studies show that once a decision has been made by two parties to get involved in what has recently been renamed “Twa Twa“, it can happen even during the day within the shortest period possible…
An example is an individual who has a tight day- job. The partner knows that they are at work and engages detectives to the only monitor where they go after 5 pm, little known to all that the individual takes about 3 hours during the day to commit to ” fieldwork”.

The three hours is more than enough for a twa twa session, take a shower and head back to the office refreshed and ready to face the day…
Such individuals, you may observe their profile pictures as having their families and often very active religiously. This eliminates any suspicion.
It is therefore important for any firm offering investigative services to put everything in consideration.

The “field hours” are mostly taken before noon so that by 5pm, the soap or perfume has faded and will not raise eyebrows back at home.

Couples no longer cheat on text messaging, trends show that business deals end up having twa twa sessions and twa twa is referred to as some documents that need to be perused in person… In this way, if your partner catches your phone and sees something like;

” that was a very productive meeting…we should have the documents looked into again on Wednesday 10am…”

Such will be considered business deals…

Investigators, be advised that conventional means of surveillance do not work anymore, Monday is just as good as or better than Friday to cheat and get away with it.

Before choosing an investigation company to work on your case, ensure that they fully understand your case.

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives

survey revealed that 2.2% of married people have more than one partner for a year. Overall, according to this research, between 15 and 25% of married Kenyans have adventures, and men are more prone to that than women. From this approach a question arises about why spouses who are unfaithful do not want to divorce, but continue to cheat on their partner.

At LY we prefer to be objective on this subject and find 8 reasons why husbands do not want to leave their wives forever, despite maintaining a relationship with someone else.

1. Your home is still the best place, in your opinion

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He has always known you, you cook for him and take care of the children. He feels comfortable with his life and seeks an adventure because he wants to try something new, not necessarily because he wants to change his way of life. A husband’s home is his castle.

There is no doubt in his head about whether he should leave . He doesn’t want that because, without his wife, it would be difficult for him to run the house. Maybe there is no longer love or passion, but there is friendship and respect. He just wants a comfort zone where he can take the best nap.

2. You are just looking for a “break”

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


The CEO of a dating site for married people looking for a romance said in an interview that, in most cases, men who commit an infidelity have a good relationship with their partner. They are part of a good family group where both have duties, but the infidels do not seek a break, in this case.

There is a lot of love in the couple, but having an extra relationship means taking a moment to relax and feel adventurous.

3. He thought he could find the answer about life in an adventure, but he didn’t

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


There is an interesting story about a man who cheated on his wife. Yes, it was a total disaster. The woman went through the whole spectrum of feelings, but after a while she began to wonder why. He didn’t seem to want to leave his family.

The answer was simple. Not because there was something wrong with her or because she was a bad wife. In  fact, he did it because there was something wrong with him.

Some men think that if there is a new woman, something will change and they will become happy, but this rarely happens. They love their wives, but even so, they may be experiencing some psychological problems.

4. He really loves his wife

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


A woman shared her  story about dating a married man. He was a gentleman and a good family man … and the main thing in him was that he didn’t want to leave his wife. So, many of us might wonder why these people decide to behave this way.

Another boy answered this question. He had been happily married for over 20 years and had children. And yes, he loved his wife very much, but he had been cheating on her for over 15 years. It was just a “fetish” for him. At the same time, he felt guilty about it.

5. Probably, he doesn’t have enough courage to change his life completely

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


He has already lived with his wife for 10 years, has been a perfect husband and father, but suddenly he meets his soulmate. Therapist Douglas LaBier calls this a  “mind-body” problem . This new feeling can be very powerful and consume you completely.

In these cases, almost always, some men prefer to divorce and remarry, but others cannot. They still have a great connection with his wife.

6. He feels that there are very strong ties with the family, such as children or a mortgage

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


A lawyer who dealt with many divorces shared her experience and said it is very painful to separate, but it is especially frightening to stop being a full-time father. These things can prevent many people from divorcing, even if they are not happy together.

There may no longer be love between the spouses, but the responsibilities are still there, and this type of attachment can be quite strong.

7. Do not want to go through the pain of divorce

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


The word “divorce” evokes millions of bad emotions and associations. It involves dealing with lawyers, fighting, dividing property and negotiating about time management with children.

Some men prefer to leave everything as it is so as not to have to go through the tears, anger and screams that come with this experience. Even if there is no longer a healthy relationship, it is easier to find a lover.

In addition to this, they prefer not to stress their children and their wife.

8. They realize that they made a mistake by having an adventure

8 Reasons why unfaithful men probably stay with their wives


A man said he had cheated on his wife with her friend. He totally understood that it was a terrible mistake, so now he feels a lot of pain. The boy doesn’t know what to do, or if he should be honest and tell his wife.

Of course, there are many opinions about whether to confess the crime or not, but even if she finds out, she won’t want to break up with the woman because she still loves her.

Would you rather divorce or forgive your partner if you discover he had an affair? Do you think it is possible to love several people at once? Please share your stories and opinions with us then in the comments section.