Crime scene footprint collection system


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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Crime scene footprint scanner collection system
Imaging Device:
ultra-high sensitivity camera
above 10 million pixels
Imaging dimensions:
Overall Size:
Imaging mode:
Picture format:
Safety and error-proof contact design


Product introduction

The product adopts an integrated design with a high degree of integration, and has a good effect on difficult and hard-to-find footprints with complex backgrounds, non-smooth objects, and high degree of reflection.

Main feature

l Difficult footprint extraction: footprints on the surface of complex pattern;footprints on high reflective surfaces;footprints on matte particle sense surface;footprints can only tilt observation visible.

l Nondestructive:Optical Scanning imaging mode, no contact marks, no damage to the scene.

l High signal-to-noise ratio: background optical separation imaging technology greatly suppresses object background information,Improve the signal-to-noise ratio of footprint image

l High sensitivity: The residual traces on the ground after electrostatic film adsorption can still be scanned and extracted. The contrast is still not inferior to the initial state extraction

l Uniformity:Line scanning imaging,Avoid uneven illumination due to the problem of lighting sources in conventional photographs

Crime Scene Footprint Scanner Collection System For Police and Military Supplies




l No deformation:Optical Scanning imaging mode,Avoid tilt distortion and blur when shooting by hand,make sure that every part of the image reflects the true shape of the trace

l Automation:according to the dust footprint, water footprint, blood footprint and other different needs of different situation,multiple acquisition modes built in,users only need to make a simple choice based on the site situation.The system automatically matches the light, one key gathers the mark image which has the appraisal value and automatically saves

l Specialization: Scanned picture four sides are automatically superimposed full length scale, no need to add physical scale,providing a floating scale tool for easy access to professional data such as shoe size, height, and age;provide a convenient image binary tools,make it easy to create images for your professional gallery.

l Standardization: No shooting experience, to the same mark anyone can extract the same image quality and specifications of the images.

l All-day Service:Can work both day and night.

l High Stability: All closed light path, shielding the external light interference, no jitter, not by human factors interference.

l High-strength body: The host uses a multi-layer composite integrated full-engine plastic body, portable and beautiful and durable

l Split operation:The Tablet PC is separated from the host as a handheld control and operates with a wireless remote control, operating more easily

l Multi-purpose Terminal: The Tablet computer control terminal can also do scene shooting/recording, and on-site mapping, recording and other work, improve the efficiency of on-site exploration

Crime Scene Footprint Scanner Collection System For Police and Military SuppliesCrime Scene Footprint Scanner Collection System For Police and Military Supplies

Main parameters

Imaging Device: ultra-high sensitivity camera

pixels above 10 million pixels

Imaging dimensions:360*160mm


Overall Size:528.7*330*242mm

Imaging mode: Scanning

Picture format:BMP,JPEG

Operation: Safety and error-proof contact design

Output port:wifi

built-in Sanyo Lithium-ion battery: not less than 13600mah/14.8v

External charger: DC16.8v

Light source type: horizontal grazing light (suitable for dust footprint)

Light source color type: white, red, purple

Scale: Built-in scale

Quick operation: One-click Footprint Collection