LY Family and Business Security

Safeguarding Your Firm Against Security Threats

Companies are increasingly exposed to security threats, decision makers constantly have to pay attention to security issues. LY Detectives Agency provides an approach for measuring the security through risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk evaluation.

Darius Ndemo CFE. explains that every organization has to invest a great deal of time and money in manually dealing with the following questions, among others:

1) What are potential threats for my organization?

2) How probable are these threats?

3) Which vulnerabilities could be exploited by such threats?

4) Which controls are required to most effectively mitigate these vulnerabilities?

5) What is the potential impact of a particular threat?

6) What is the value of security investments?

7) Which security solutions is it worth investing in?

Organizations need to implement controls to mitigate an identified vulnerability and to protect the respective assets through preventive, corrective, deterrent, recovery, or detective measures (control type).

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