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Safeguarding Your Firm Against Security Threats

Companies are increasingly exposed to security threats, decision makers constantly have to pay attention to security issues. LY Detectives Agency provides an approach for measuring the security through risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk evaluation.

Darius Ndemo CFE. explains that every organization has to invest a great deal of time and money in manually dealing with the following questions, among others:

1) What are potential threats for my organization?

2) How probable are these threats?

3) Which vulnerabilities could be exploited by such threats?

4) Which controls are required to most effectively mitigate these vulnerabilities?

5) What is the potential impact of a particular threat?

6) What is the value of security investments?

7) Which security solutions is it worth investing in?

Organizations need to implement controls to mitigate an identified vulnerability and to protect the respective assets through preventive, corrective, deterrent, recovery, or detective measures (control type).

Fraud Examination And Redesigns

COVID-19 Protective Gear Vs Crime and Identification

There is need for Criminal Investigators to upgrade the game in light of Covid-19.

Crime incidents have increased during lock down and curfew hours in various countries.

What is emerging to be a challenge for crime fighters, like LY Detectives Agency, is the increasing use of gloves and face masks.

Fraud Examination And RedesignsAs a detective, I see a problem that needs to be addressed before we lose the war against crime.

Before COVID-19, some criminal perpetrators did not understand the use of face masks and gloves in their operations. I bet some still don’t… This made identification and referencing a bit easy with the correct database.

I will not delve into the hows on gloves and masks on this article. Instead, I will offer some suggestions on how crime can still be fought and positive identifications made in the absence of CCTV and FINGERPRINTS

Did you know that there are other options available to make positive identification?

Take EAR MARKS for example.

Ear marks are unique to each individual. The subject on this is still open for debate but while the debate continues, crime fighters should start making databases for this.

When one wears their masks correctly to cover their nose and chin, there is a high likelihood that the ears remain uncovered (sometimes with a little distortion if not adorned properly).

The mask covers almost your entire face and soon there will be masks that cover entire heads. Regulation on masks and style is still a long way to come for most governments.

Private Investigations With Ease
Customized Investigative Solutions

When dusting surfaces for prints, it is important for the scene examiner to lift including other marks that may include EAR MARKS. This can be put in a database as investigations continue and a further analysis done on the same.

Other ways of identifying the perpetrators in such instances would include the movements captured by CCTV, body posture, Clothing, Eyes and even signs used during the perpetration among others

The little efforts we make as crime fighters will go a long way as the MO changes.

It is our duty to adapt as the world changes right in front of us.

Private Investigators In Kenya On Infidelity

Child custody, an increasingly requested service in private detective offices.

To affirm that there are many occasions in which a client accesses a detective office on the recommendation of his lawyer does not constitute great news in itself since legal professionals constitute many times the first step towards our consultation. 

Yes, the work of the private investigator in judicial proceedings aimed at establishing child custody and custody measures is more unknown, when the agreement between the parties is not possible.

Interests of the child


 The entire judicial process is intended to defend the interests of the child.

It is undeniable that the classic concept of family has changed radically since the legalization of divorce in Kenya.

Almost in 2018, there were almost 15000 divorces, of which a third, around 5,000, needed the judicial process to determine the conditions of separation

A good part of these 5,000 couples would require the mediation of the courts for the determination of child custody measures, but also those couples (each day more numerous) who without having a marriage have children in common should be included in this group. 

Many of these couples end up first in front of a lawyer, and later (and without knowing very well what they are going to find) in front of a private detective.

How can a private detective help in establishing child custody and custody measures?

The answer is so simple that customers themselves are surprised to hear it. 

Usually, the courts establish a series of temporary conditions when establishing custody and custody conditions pending final judgment, always taking into account the primary objective of the welfare of minors. 

But these conditions are not always met, and that is when the private detective through an official report can prove to the court the (in) compliance with the obligations of the guardians and the welfare of the minors. 

This test, on many occasions, can be decisive when demonstrating before the judge the non-fulfillment of his indications or in more serious cases, the existence of some harmful circumstance towards the minor.