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With LY Private Investigators’ undercover and infiltration operations, the realm of private investigators in Kenya begins to delve deeper into more “picturesque” ideas of investigation. Oftentimes, in movies and pop culture, investigators are seen as “actors” who play a specific role, lying, and being deceptive in order to gain information. They create a false persona in order to infiltrate a group, company, or secrete society and gain the confidences of specific persons and convince them to share incredibly important information. Behind the persona of an innocent, friendly employee, private investigators are able to make suspects disclose information that would otherwise never be found.

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This is, in most cases, exactly what undercover and infiltration operations entail.

Unlike many other cases that require the help of LY private investigators, undercover and infiltration operations require oftentimes require the use of more than one private investigator. Of course, it is quite possible for a single private investigator to carry out an undercover or infiltration operation, but most cautious individuals will be willing to sacrifice the glamour of working alone to work with a team.

Undercover and infiltration operations are carried out for one reason: somebody such as an employee, co-worker, group member, or other person somehow affiliated with a group is acting suspicious. They begin with the selected private investigators going undercover, assuming different personas, and often inserting themselves into the company system by acting as new employees of a company, thereby diverting suspicion and attention from themselves.

Once an undercover private investigation group has successfully infiltrated a company and assumed roles as employees they use sophisticated, high-tech, and professional surveillance equipment to survey employees, monitor their activities, document evidence, and gain information. As they begin to learn more, they will be able to identify “problematic employees”. These problematic employees are the people that a company should watch out for; they are disgruntled, ambitious, or, for some other reason, at risk for disclosing company secrets or working with competitors for their own personal gain. These problematic employees are marked as suspects and carefully monitored by the private investigation infiltration team.

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Once problematic employees or co-workers have been identified, a private investigation team may go their separate ways. Information can be turned over to the company for their analysis and the company may choose to continue closely monitoring problematic employees or terminate them based on gathered evidence. Additionally, a private investigation team may partially disband. Once the difficulty of tracking down problematic employees has been completed and their general routine has been established, it is not always necessary for the entire team to remain on the premises in their disguises. The length and course of the undercover and infiltration operation is a decision that is made at the discretion of the client.

LY Investigative Services is one of many private investigative services that will be able to help you successfully conduct an undercover or infiltration operation. However, unlike many other investigative services, LY Detectives Agency Services will be able to provide clients with highly professional, experienced private investigators with up to date, powerful technology at their disposal. Unlike many issues that could potentially call for the help of private investigative services, undercover and infiltration operations require two things that are unavailable to non-professionals: manpower and technology.

With LY Private investigative services, you are provided a team that would be otherwise unavailable to amateurs that were attempting to act on their own. Additionally, LY private investigative services are able to provide the high-tech surveillance technology that is required to discover suspect employees, track their movements, and document actions in such a way that information would stand up in court if a company chooses to pursue legal action.