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Why Lawyers Need Private Investigators in Kenya

Some companies still have the idea of ​​the private detective as a movie type or with unorthodox methods, and nothing is further from reality. 

In addition to being a qualified and registered professionals, you are required to have a record of your proceedings available to the State Security Services and Bodies. 

In this article we explain how a private detective agency can collaborate with law firms in Kenya.

Private Investigation Firms in Kenya: collaboration with lawyers

It should be borne in mind that the vast majority of investigations of private investigators in Kenya aim to provide evidence for a lawsuit (80%) . 

Therefore, collaboration is important, as long as it is properly directed by the lawyer and, ultimately, following the wishes of the clients . 

There are some aspects that we have to highlight in this type of operations, especially the legal regulations that must be followed. For that reason, it is essential to have the professional contest.

It is essential to indicate that the activity of these professionals is strictly regulated , for reasons of privacy and effectiveness before the courts, which gives peace of mind to those who hire them. 

The work of  private detectives  is governed by Kenyan Law, being today a regulated and collegiate profession that has to follow protocols. Although in Kenya there is already the habit of some law firms hiring the detective, it is still not usual as in Anglo-Saxon countries, so there is still a lot of work to do.

It should be noted that there are four main areas in which private investigators in Nairobi act: labor , business , family and insurance . 

Obviously, there are more areas, but these are the ones that concentrate the vast majority of judicial files and investigation requirements. We will analyze them to know the different implications.

1. Scope of work: fraud in sick leave

The sick leave feigned are a recurring motif that makes you lose several million euros annually to the national economy. 

On many occasions, the entrepreneur intuits that there is a fraud and the lawyer too, but there is no way to prove it. 

That is where the work of the private detective serves to provide evidence to companies that serve to win a trial for dismissal.

Normally, collecting evidence is relatively easy if monitoring is done. The problem is that this is not the lawyer’s job and that, in order for them to go before a court, they have to follow a certain protocol . A collegial detective follows a code of ethics.

2. Corporate scope: counterfeit detectives

The corporate lawsuits create problems in business and there are several assumptions that can be given, so that should have private detectives in Kenya hand to avoid problems millionaires.

The first usual case is that of industrial espionage , which causes a medium and long-term property damage to people. 

Identifying the cause is essential to debug responsibilities and demand financial compensation if appropriate. In addition, the problem is that non-identification can cause more problems of this type in the short term.

The second case is that of forgery of prototypes or plagiarisms , which can make our company lose a lot of money if we have already registered that idea in the market. 

What we do as detectives is to look for evidence to prove it to make the corresponding claim before the commercial authorities and competition courts.

Finally, we cannot stop talking about the asset investigation , essential when there is a problem of debts  or solvency of the partners ( due diligence ). The insolvency assumption is well known, as is the fact that, on occasion, it is not sufficiently substantiated. In addition, it goes without saying that an inquiry on time can save us a lot of money in the future.

3. Family law

In family law , there are two most recurring causes that originate most of the lawsuits: contentious divorces , so it is related to the estate, and child custody .

When one of the parties wants to divorce , it is important to provide evidence that the other spouse is unfaithful or has reprehensible personal conduct . 

This is especially important in the case of contentious divorces . In the event that it is proven that one of the parties has failed in their marital duties, the evidence will influence the judgment that determines the distribution of the property in common.

The second assumption is that of child custody , which may be related to the divorce process or be many years later. The important thing is to test if one of the parents is not in a position to take good care of the children. 

Now, as sensitive as this issue is, you should only rely on specialists of impeccable professionalism.

4. Insurance companies

The insurance companies lose a lot of money by fraud, being habitual simulation accidents or fires, hence, in the event that the expert take a Inconclusive opinion, the competition is fundamental. 

There may also be the situation of having an opinion that suggests intentionality but lacks evidence for the insurer to claim an unjustified payment.

In fact, this is one of the most common applications and, increasingly, law firms propose their hiring to prove fraud and face trials with victory guarantees. In the medium term, whoever has the services of detectives in Kenya will notice the difference .


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